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on 9 July 2022 Sometime we will depart from Hamburg to Vladivostok

and for us there is...

  • no obstacle too difficult

  • no road too bad

  • no path too lonely

  • no mountain too high

  • no fire too hot

  • no cottage too uncomfortable

  • no night too dark

NOTE: This is not an official site of the rally organiser SAC

APOD club

a website by and for participants of the Atlantic-Pacific-Ocean-Drive 2022 as well as friends, supporters and interested parties.

the most important content:


Every 1st Wednesday of the month, a ZOOM video conference takes place at 18:00. At this online regulars' table, adventurers, friends and interested parties exchange the latest information and talk about their travel plans and vehicles. You will find the respective link for registration in the calendar. 


A calendar for all official and private dates around the APOD, the SAC or other off-road events.

If you have dates that should be entered, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


All teams will receive a road book with information about the route and tasks only at the start in Hamburg. But, unlike the other SAC RAllyes, there will be no exact plan.

Some teams will ride through the APOD in 25 days, others will take 60 days. And that is exactly what is important and good about this tour.

Therefore, it is very helpful if the teams can exchange their individual plans, ideas and tips in advance. We have set up the forum for this purpose.

Passenger & Carpooling Wanted

The triggering moment for the idea of the forum was the situation that some teams lack co-drivers for the entire route, a part of the route or the return trip.

We also know that some people would love to come along but do not have a vehicle.

This is how the idea of setting up an APOD car-sharing agency came about at an APOD preparatory meeting. Therefore, a separate section was dedicated to this topic in the forum.

Michael Proch

"Participation in the APOD is very close to my heart. Therefore, I wish that we treat the environment and all people we meet with respect and mindfulness. I assume that we will also treat each other in the same way and I hope to contribute to this with the website and the forum."

team red-nose



A calendar for all official and private appointments around the APOD


Collection of links to everything that could interest APOD participants. (Cooperation desired)

WhatsApp Group

For a very quick exchange, there is also a WhatsApp group called APOD club (not an official SAC group).


And yes, there is also an official APOD Facebook group of the SAC

find out more and register

Are you interested and want to learn more about the APOD? Maybe even come along for the ride? Go ahead, sign up, there are still places available!

Let's make the APOD an unforgettable experience

join us

describe your plans, ideas & wishes in the forum